Gordon Gecko, social media and 45 day lead times

Corporate social media business insider

Source: Business Insider

Ever wondered how corporate's manage their social media? Business Insider have published an interesting article that takes you behind the scenes of a social media agency in NYC. Spoiler alert: 45 day lead times and a screen setup that would do Gordon Gecko proud.

Gordon Gecko

Read the article at Business Insider Australia.

Wowzers what happened March - May?

So the last few months disappeared and our intentions of writing regular blog posts were blown to the wind. Let us catch you up on our lives MARCH - MAY. Does anyone else remember the Time Warp video being so weird?

Why CARBON festival is great for Melbourne

We've been involved with CARBON since it began three years ago and I can't tell you how rewarding it is to see an independent festival become so successful. Some of CARBON's benefits are obvious; great people, interesting presentations, meeting and building relationships with like-minded people, parties, side events and zoo-hopping (ok, that's just some of us). Others are not so obvious.

People rave about the creative scene in cities like New York but are often derisive of what's here at home. First it was Bobby Hundreds (CARBON 2011) who blogged about Melbourne's thriving creative scene and the positive down-to-earth attitude of our locals. This was followed by legendary graffiti artist Futura (CARBON 2011) who has shared his genuine appreciation for Melbourne on camera during a return trip. Ricky Powell (CARBON 2012) publicly declared his love for our city (and its ladies) while Intrepid man-of-food Eddie Huang (CARBON 2013) embraced Melbourne's street food last year. Last year local artist friends found themselves chatting with the elusive Barry McGee (CARBON 2013) and Shawn Stussy (CARBON 2013) enthusiastically met some of our best indie publishers. People are pleasantly surprised by what they find here and tend to leave happy.

When people of a certain influence visit our city they go back and tell their friends. They blog about it, talk about it and start paying attention to our labels, creatives and businesses. Maybe they even come back for more? At a minimum they endorse and support a scene that's often overlooked and let people know we're worth flying 12 - 24 hours for.

CARBON kicks off on Saturday at RMIT's Storey Hall. Get your tickets here and don't forget about all the side events. www.weareallcarbon.com


What we make of #normcore

larry david So apparently the term 'Normcore' has been misappropriated largely due to an over-edited piece that featured in New York's The Cut last week.

According to Dazed Digital, the trend forecasting agency who coined the phrase claim it's been used out of context. Read the Dazed article here, but if you want to save yourself a few minutes this is our interpretation: "people who bounce from one subculture to the next without any consideration/understanding/care for the principles behind it."

So be warned that dressing like Obama at Camp David will find you 'Acting Basic' and  teaming a black turtleneck with stonewash jeans and sneakers (even if worn ironically) will find you more 'Dressing like Ashton Kutcher in Jobs'  and less 'Being a Successful Creative with Celebrity Friends like Larry David'. There. Said it.

Part 2. Sneakers are back baby!

rihanna chanel sneakers paris 2014 Following last week's post about sneakers' return to the fashion psyche, Karl Lagerfeld yesterday placed sneaker-clad models on the runway for the second time of late.

The last 18 months has seen New Balance infiltrate fashion blogs with the fash-bloggerati trading their bejewelled Miu Miu's for a pair of NB420's. Prior to this the only sneakers gracing the fashion pages were Vans Authentic/Era as the fashion aesthetic has slowly shifted from vintage to sport.

The sneaker was courted by the runways for the first time in a decade in 2012 when Isabel Marant debuted her sneaker wedge. The now-ubiquitous Marant shoe was quickly followed by Marc Jacob's sneaker wedge (2012), Converse's first sneaker wedge (2012), Nike's first sneaker wedge (2012/13), Vans' sneaker wedge (2013), Adidas' sneaker wedge (2013) and most recently Converse's sneaker wedge update (2014).

Testament to the trend's mainstream crossover the Wall Street Journal published an interesting editorial in January, while Elle USA published its own article the following month after the release of Adidas' Stan Smith (filtering through blogs as we speak).

This newfound love of the comfort shoe screams to the world that sneakers are here to stay. Hooray!